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We Buy Collections

We are always interested in buying collections or large lots of automobilia. We are particularly interested in Ferrari related collectibles; we do buy other brands, especially other Italian Marques, which might appeal to a similar clientele.


(When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask.)

Literature and printed material

  • Original factory literature: Sales & Marketing Brochures, Press Kits, Owner's Handbooks, Workshop Manuals, Parts Catalogs, Yearbooks, Prints, Postcards, Posters, and any other factory issued (and usually numbered) publication.
  • Semi-official literature and publications: Ferrari related publications issued, with the consent and licensing of the Maranello factory, by dealers and importers, as well as those issued by makers or sellers of licensed products and merchandise.
  • Third party literature and publications: Books about Ferrari, the cars, the man himself and the people surrounding him, the events, the history, the stories, the rumors, the legends.
  • Art and prints that would appeal to the "demanding" collector.

Scale models and other objects

  • Die-cast scale models in collector quality condition, preferably with box (also in collector condition).
  • Kit scale models, unbuilt, complete of all parts, with box in collector quality condition.
  • Built kit or custom models.
  • Ferrari related memorabilia, merchandise, trinkets and other oddities.
  • Small (and I mean small) parts and accessories.
  • Other "stuff" that would look good on a shelf, on a table, or on a wall.



  • We recommend that you obtain quotes from at least one other source, (two or three would be better).
  • Equally as important is that you do your homework: Know what your Items are worth!
  • Below you will see some guidelines of what information will help us make you an offer. You don't have to provide all of the information but, the more detail you provide us, the better the offer may be. Example: Books range from $1.00 for the most common to thousands of dollars for some rarities. If you tell us you have 10 books for sale, we will assume they could be worth $5.00 to $10.00 a piece. If you tell us the title, author and condition, we'll know if you have valuable books in the collection and quote you appropriately.
  • We will provide you with a quote of what we are able to pay for your lot as well of shipping methods.
  • Once an amount has been agreed to, we request that the merchandise be shipped, safely packed to our address.
  • We will inspect the merchandise and issue payment, usually within 1 to 3 business days unless more time is needed.


All we need is a list. Just a simple list. However, if you follow the requirements below, you will realize a much better price for your items.

Provide us with a detailed list of the items and a description of their general condition. Samples of the information are listed below. Underlined items are more important and will make a bigger difference on our ability to provide an accurate quote.

  • Books: Title, author, publisher, hard/soft Cover, with/without dust-jacket or slipcover, publication year or edition, if signed or autographed, if limited edition, etc.
  • Magazines: Title, issue number or issue date.
  • Factory publications: Description, factory publication number ####/yy.
  • Models: Model, scale, manufacturer, product I.D., color, box/no box
  • Art and prints: Description, artist/author, dimensions, framed/unframed, if signed or autographed, if limited edition, etc.
  • Everything else: Description, brand and any other details that will help us clearly identify the product, it's value, and it's marketability.

It will help immensely if you can provide your inventory in the following Formats:

  • Excel file via email (preferred)
  • Other CSV file via email
  • Word or Text file via email
  • Listed in an email
  • Paper list by mail (least preferred)