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Cavallino Magazine

Cavallino magazine is the premier publication covering Ferrari cars. It has been in print since 1978 and currently publishes every 2 months. We carry the latest issues as well as all earlier high demand and rare out of print back issues. This superb publication regularly features articles of world renowned Ferrari experts such as Marcel Massini, Alan Boe, Mauro Forghieri, Guy Mangiamele, Richard Merritt, J. Pourret, Germain Mallejac, Michael Sheehan, and many more.
If you are trying to complete your collection and need several issues, please contact us directly for a bulk-price quote.

*** Please Note ***
Many Cavallino issues were published in both "Subscriber" and "Retail" editions.
When fulfilling orders we will ship "best available" issues, regardless of edition.
If you have a specific preference please contact us in advance to ensure availability.
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