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About Us

ALBACO the internet's premier suppliers of rare Ferrari literature and publications. Besides our vast selection of out-of-print owner's manuals and books, we carry most back issues of famous publications such as Cavallino, Rosso and Forza Magazine including the rare, out of print issues.

We also carry a large inventory of publications that are now completely out of print and therefore very hard to find. Our catalog includes such fabulous publications as Ferrari World, Symbol, Ferrari Story, Ferrari Italian Style, and several others. We stock a variety of single issue Ferrari "special" publications such as Vintage Ferrari Magazine and Hors Ligne.

If you are looking for missing issues of club publications such as Prancing Horse (USA), Ferrari (UK) or newsletters such as Pilota, Ferrari Market Letter, The FCA Bulletin or other national Owners Clubs publications, we have a wide selection available in stock

In addition, we carry a variety of collectables and gift ideas for Ferrari owners and enthusiasts such as rare Ferrari brochures, photographs, posters, postcards, stamps, die-cast models and more.


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